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How to Get Dark Brown Hair Color Using Henna?

Written by Minature Herbal


Posted on June 06 2024

How to Get Dark Brown Hair with Henna?

Coloring/dyeing hair is an age-old practice that has been followed by people across the globe. While chemical dyes have taken up a large portion of the market for a long time, there's an upward trend toward natural alternatives that are affordable, effective, and safe to use. One such alternative is Henna (also known as mehendi) and Indigo when mixed together, which can give you different shades of hair color from auburn, medium, to nearly black.

In this blog, we will further learn about the properties of henna and indigo and how you can get a rich dark brown hair color.

What are the Properties of Henna and Indigo and How They can Give You Natural Dark Brown Hair?

Henna (Mehendi) has been a huge part of our culture as a natural dye for hair and skin. It imparts a natural reddish-brown shade to your hair which is also long-lasting. Indigo, on the other hand, is known for its deep blue dye. When used together, Henna and Indigo can give you a range of shades light brown to dark brown and deep black. This combination of herbs not only gives your hair a rich color but also nourishes and strengthens it. These are a great alternative to chemical dyes.

Proportion guide of Henna (Mehendi) and Indigo showing different shades for achieving various shades.

Before we tell you how you can dye your hair dark brown, let's learn about the properties and additional benefits of using henna and indigo to naturally color your hair dark brown.

Beneficial Properties of Henna And Indigo for Hair:

Henna Powder

Natural Conditioner: Henna is also known for its conditioning properties, it adds natural shine and softness to your hair. It makes your hair strands thicker and manageable.

Antimicrobial: Mehendi has natural antimicrobial properties that help maintain a healthy scalp, and reduce dandruff and other scalp infections.

Strengthening: Henna contains a molecule called Lawsone (2-hydroxy-1,4-naphthoquinone), which binds with the keratin in hair. This forms a protective layer around each hair strand, making it stronger and it prevents breakage.

Indigo Powder 

Natural Dye: Indigo is known as a natural dye that imparts a vibrant blue shade. When used with Henna, it can give you the shade you desire for your hair.

Anti-inflammatory: It is packed with anti-inflammatory properties that soothe and reduce scalp irritation.

Hair Growth: Indigo promotes hair growth and reduces premature greying of hair.

How to Use Henna and Indigo to Get Dark Brown Hair:

Step-by-step guide to using Henna (Mehendi) and Indigo, including preparation, application, and rinsing for dark brown hair color.

There are various ways you can dye your hair dark brown, but this one is a fool-proof method that works best.

Henna Preparation: Start with Henna. Mix Pure Henna Powder with tea water to form a smooth paste. You can also add lemon juice, tea water, or a little curd to enhance the color. Let it sit for 6-8 hours or overnight for the dye to completely release.

Application: Section your hair and apply the henna paste, covering the entire head from root to tip. Leave it on for 3-4 hours, then rinse thoroughly with water without using shampoo.

Indigo Preparation: Mix Indigo Powder with water to form a thick paste. Apply it to your hair immediately after rinsing out henna. Leave it on for 1-2 hours, depending on the intensity of color you desire.

Rinse and Condition: Rinse your hair thoroughly with water and use a mild conditioner if needed. Use the shampoo after 24-48 hours to let the color set completely.

It is a long process but the safest and the most effective way to dye your hair dark brown. But for those looking for an easy solution, try MINATURE Dark Brown Henna, a perfectly balanced blend of henna and indigo to give your hair a beautiful dark brown shade naturally. It simplifies the process, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of these natural ingredients with minimal effort.

Final Tips for Best Results:

  • Do a strand test before applying henna and indigo or MINATURE Dark Brown Henna to gauge the color development.
  • Use conditioner after rinsing Indigo or MINATURE Dark Brown Henna to keep your hair moisturized.
  • Reapply Henna and Indigo every 4-6 weeks to maintain the dark brown shade of your hair. 



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